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Medical Astrology With Lee Lehman

Medical Astrology

In episode 71 astrologer Lee Lehman joins the show to discuss medical astrology, and some of the ways that astrology and medicine have been used together since ancient times.

Lee is the author of a book on medical astrology titled Traditional Medical Astrology.

You can find out more information about Lee’s work on her website at LeeLehman.com.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording.

Episode Outline

Here are some of the topics we covered during the course of the episode:

  • Lee’s background and interest in astrology and medicine.
  • Book published in 2012: Traditional Medical Astrology.
  • Has a traditional bent, because most medical astrology was formulated during the middle ages.
    • Doctors were trained in astrology
    • There were chairs for astrology in the universities.
  • Theoretical basis of ancient medicine
    • Hippocratic and Galenic medicine
  • The elements, humors, and temperaments
    • Hot, cold, wet, dry.
    • Sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic.
  • Health through balancing one’s temperaments.
    • Similar idea in Indian astrology/medicine/Ayurveda.
  • Determining one’s temperament through the natal chart.
  • How to balance temperaments through foods, practices, etc.
  • Identifying weaknesses in the body that could lead to illness.
    • Analysis of the 1st and 6th houses as related to patterns related to prevalence of disease.
  • Different branches relevant to medical astrology:
    • Natal astrology
    • Electional astrology
      • Decumbiture charts
    • Horary astrology
  • Astrology as a diagnostic tool, when other tools didn’t exist.
  • Using electional astrology for surgery dates.
  • Elections for non-surgical health treatments.
  • Predicting the course of illness through critical day theory, via the natal chart.
  • Longevity and issues surrounding the length of life.
    • Reframing length of life technique as periods that may be difficult for vitality.
  • Ethical and legal issues connected with practice of medical astrology in modern times.
  • Adapting traditional astrology to current sociological and medical trends.


A full transcript of this episode is available here: Episode 71 transcript

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  • Wow, what a fabulously lucid presentation of traditional medical astrology & how it can be of use in today’s context. I must read Lee’s book. Two other recent books of Lee, which I really like are ‘The Astrology of Sustainability’ & ‘Classical Solar Returns’, wich I thoroughly recommend. I recon that when Lee is ready to present her observations, thoughts & findings on the topic of the Soul in Greek philosophy, many will be queuing up to hear her speak & buy this new book. MANY THANKS TO YOU BOTH.

  • “exit visa”- what a chirpy name for death portal! Chute or ladder to the other side .. Indeed let us practice ethically and not dwell on disease

  • Thank you so much for this interview Chris. I am very interested in Medical Astrology and Dr. Lee Lehman is so wonderfully knowledgeable. Really good to hear some discussion on the soul. I have some medical astrology books so far and a medical astrology software program but am definitely going to buy Dr. Lehman’s books next. Btw, your interviews on professional astrology were much needed so thank you for those as well. I bought OPA’s book (The Professional Astrologer). Looking forward to your next podcast.

  • at 33 mins ms Lehman talks about Firmicus 8 houses as being the angular & succedent houses, not the first 8 houses. I thougt you beg to differ on octotopos, but you haven’t commented on that during the show

    • I don’t usually like to correct guests when I’m interviewing someone, especially if it is a potential point of disagreement that isn’t really germane to the main discussion.

  • Thank you for a wonderful podcast. In this episode you mention that you wish to have an episode where you look at different, both ancient and more modern, conceptualizations the soul, and “…where is the soul in the birth chart, or is the soul represented in the birth chart.” Have such an episode been made? Would have been really interesting, and so relevant! Thank you in advance.