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Astrology Forecast & Auspicious Dates for August 2015

Astrology Forecast & Auspicious Dates for August 2015Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show to provide a look ahead at the major astrological alignments in August of 2015.

We cover the Venus retrograde in Virgo/Leo, Saturn stationing direct in Scorpio, Jupiter making its ingress into Virgo, and more.

We also highlight several auspicious dates that occur during the course of the month using the principles of electional astrology.

In particular we focus on a series of Leo and Virgo rising electional charts, since the Sun and Mercury are in their own signs at different times over the next few weeks.

The cover art for this episode is taken from the PlanetWatcher 2015 Astrological Calendar, which we were given permission to use to us by its author, astrologer Kirk Kahn.

You can find out more information about Kelly’s work at KellysAstrology.com, and you can find out more about Austin at AustinCoppock.com.

Outline of the Show

Below you will find an outline of some of the different topics that we touched on during the course of the show, followed by links to download or stream the recording.

  • Major aspect square from Jupiter to Saturn first week of August, which Mercury and Venus both aspect. Poignant and precise – lots of emphasis (pressure?) around 28° fixed signs.
    • Jupiter square Saturn, 28° Leo/Scorpio, August 2 – 6 (Venus August 3 – 6, Mercury August 6 – 7.
  • Jupiter in the superior position but Saturn hurling a ray at Jupiter. Quite the tussle between two planetary heavyweights. Who has the upper hand?
  • Venus stationing retrograde in Virgo and then being retrograde in Leo for the entirety of August.
  • Elemental shift from Fire to Earth as Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun (in that order) wind up visits to Leo and move into Virgo. Lingering influence in Leo with Venus and Mars. Signs in focus would be Leo + Virgo.
  • Jupiter ingressing into Virgo in mid-August.
    • Conjunctions to Jupiter: Venus August 5, Mercury August 7, Sun August 26 – 27
  • Aspect wise, Mercury, Venus and the Sun all conjunct Jupiter, the first two in Leo and the Sun at the end of the month once both in Virgo.
  • The last gasps of Saturn in Scorpio with Saturn stationing direct at 28° Scorpio.

Elections for August

  • Several strong Leo or Virgo rising elections this month, since the Sun is in Leo and Mercury in Virgo.  Leo rising elections are in the first part of the month, and Virgo later after the 7th.
  • August 6 at 7:15 AM with 26° Leo rising. Sun in Leo in the 1st whole sign house, in a day chart shortly after sunrise. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter forming a tight conjunction at the end of Leo. Saturn is angular in Scorpio in the 4th, but it is a day chart and it is enclosed by the rays of Venus and Jupiter on either side. The Moon is exalted in Taurus in the 10th, applying to a square with the Sun. Mars is out of the way in the 12th.
  • Some auspicious Mercury elections once Mercury moves into Virgo August 7.
  • August 15 at 8:50 AM with 22° Virgo rising, MC around 21/22° Gemini. Virgo rising with Mercury in Virgo in the 1st whole sign house. Jupiter has just ingressed into Virgo.  The Moon is also in Virgo, separating from Jupiter and applying to Mercury. This is the day of the Sun-Venus conjunction, which unfortunately is in the 12th, but if you place the MC closely sextile that then it helps mitigate their cadency.

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  • I really enjoyed this podcast as well, and would be very interested in hearing this entire group on a regular basis.

    Noteworthy item in the news: that bit of airplane wing washing up on Reunion Island. Seems very apt for Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, a secret given up from the water, etc.

  • Fantastic episode! You all jive so well together and I always learn so much from you. I especially appreciate all these electional dates you give us – and I do use them. I notice a lot of them last month were 9th house, and for the coming month will be 1st house and 3rd house. Hope we get some 2nd house ones coming up, although it seems to totally depend on what planets are strongest that month.

  • Did you see the story about Cecil the Lion ? The most magnificent lion in Africa killed by a dumb hunter.
    It’s so Jupiter Leo/Saturn Scorpio.

  • Another noteworthy August event: check out chart for Animas River mine spill: 5 Aug at 10:30 a.m. Silverton, Colorado. Very impressive!