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Mundane Astrology with Benjamin Dykes

Mundane Astrology with Benjamin DykesIn this episode Benjamin Dykes joins to show to talk about his two recent books on mundane astrology, and some of the different techniques that ancient astrologers used to predict world events.

Our discussion is based on Ben’s recent publication of a compilation of different Medieval works on mundane astrology that he translated in two volumes titled Astrology of the World.

The books contains translations of some of the principle texts on mundane astrology from Arabic, Latin, and Greek authors.

During the course of the show we talk about the theory and practice of mundane astrology in traditional sources, as well as how some of those techniques can be used today to study world events and make predictions.

Show Notes

  • What is mundane astrology, and how do you define it?
    • Astrology applied to phenomena and processes beyond the choice and Fortune of individuals; the results of mass behavior and systemic changes.
  • What is it applied to, or how can it be applied?
  • What are the main sources for mundane astrology?
  • Which authors are included in your translation?
  • Which topics or applications of mundane astrology are covered?
  • Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions as one of the main long term predictive methods.
    • Triplicity shift every 200-240 years.
    • Difference between the true versus the mean conjunctions.
    • Is there a legitimate justification for using the mean conjunctions today?
  • Other techniques used in mundane astrology.
  • The doctrine of subsumption and the idea that natal charts can be subsumed by larger national charts.
  • The idea that Ptolemy talks about where the natal chart for the leader of a country will sometimes reflect broader trends in the country in general, like a stand in national chart.


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 36 transcript

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  • The work being done here is beautiful, thoughtful, and smart.
    It is the kind of programming I would put in front of the skeptics.
    I really enjoy re-listening to most of the previous shows while traveling or working out.
    Very refreshing to have access to this brilliant host and his choice of guests.
    Great Job Chris!

  • Wonderful talk! Thank you Chris and Ben..a lot to digest, but I’m especially interested in the timing of when eclipse will peak…the three possible times? I’ll have to listen again..(from Ptolemy I think and used by Zoller for the 911 prediction)
    Also, in the discussion of leaders of countries, a different view but evocative: Robert Blaschke thought that Obama is ahead of his time as his natal Jupiter at 1 Aquarius, the degree of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in 2020.

    Thank you again..
    All best..