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Prediction vs Forecasting & Cultural Acceptance

Prediction vs Forecasting & Cultural AcceptanceThis episode is a solo show where I talk about a few different topics such as whether there is a difference between prediction and forecasting, and whether there are potential downsides to astrology becoming more widely accepted in culture.

 I also talk about a few different pieces of news in the astrological community such as some conferences that were recently announced, and a couple of major astrologers who we recently lost.

Below you will find an outline of the different topics that I touched on during the course of the show, followed by links to download or stream the recording.

Outline of the Episode

The topics below are listed in roughly the order I discussed them in in the show.

New Subscription Service

  • Now you can support The Astrology Podcast on Patreon.
  • The show will remain free, but subscribers can donate a small amount each episode in order to support the show and help me to expand and improve it.
  • Supporters get benefits like access to a private Facebook group, early access to new episodes, and other things.
  • If you enjoy the show then please help support it!

Upcoming Astrological Conferences

  • NCGR announced a conference happening in February of 2017 in Baltimore.
  • ISAR announced a conference happening in October of 2016 in Costa Mesa, CA.
    • Deadline for submitting a lecture proposal is July 15.
    • Presidential panel at the end of it.

Prediction vs. Forecasting

  • Is there a difference between prediction and forecasting?
  • Is astrology inherently predictive?

Potential Downsides to Greater Cultural Acceptance of Astrology?

  • Newsweek article about astrological gangs in India
  • Sometimes people in the west assume that if / when astrology becomes more widely accepted that the world will automatically be a better place, but is this really true, or are there potential downsides?
  • It seems like with greater cultural acceptance comes a greater potential for astrology to be abused by shady individuals.
  • There are actually some potential downsides that people might not expect.

Two Recent Losses in the Astrological Community

  • The death of Jeff Jawer in February.
  • The death of Maggie Nalbandian on June 29.
    • Founder of the Astrology et al bookstore, NORWAC, and Kepler College.
    • The motivation for founding Kepler, and the issue of certification within the astrological community.

New Astrology Podcasts

  • Lots of new podcasts on astrology starting
  • The Mountain Astrologer recently launched a new podcast called Coffee Break that will offer short segments each week.
  • Nick Dagan Best launched a podcast called I Love Astrology.
  • Ashley Otero launched the Astrologic Yogi Podcast.


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 35 transcript

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