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Branches and Traditions of Astrology

Branches and Traditions of Astrology

In the 29th episode of the podcast I talk about the different branches and traditions of astrology.

There are four major “branches” of western astrology, which represent different applications of the subject, along with its various subsets.

The traditions of astrology represent different eras in which it was practiced, each of which have their own unique technical, philosophical, and cultural traits.

Outline of the Show

Here is an outline of the topics I touched on during the course of the episode:

  • News and Announcements
  • Events
  • Main topic: defining the branches and traditions of astrology
  • Growing interest in definitions due to my website The Astrology Dictionary
  • My concise definition from my article on the definition of astrology:
    • “Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial objects and earthly events.”
  • Branches of astrology
    1. Mundane
    2. Natal
    3. Electional/inceptional
    4. Horary/interrogational
  • Traditions of astrology
    • Western astrology versus Chinese, Mesoamerican, Indian, etc.
  • Traditions of western astrology
    • Mesopotamian astrology: 2000 BCE – 1st century BCE
    • Hellenistic astrology: 1st century BCE – 7th century CE
    • Indian astrology: 2nd century CE – present
    • Medieval astrology: 8th century CE – 13th century
    • Renaissance astrology: 14th century – 17th century
    • Modern astrology: 20th century – early 21st century.
    • Post-modern astrology (?): late 20th century – present.


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 29 transcript

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  • Bravo, great podcast! 🙂
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention agricultural astrology. From my point of view it’s an extremely important branch of astrology that helps us to understand the world view from which other branches of astrology are born. You could see it as a form of elections astrology, but since it’s such an ancient (the oldest?) form of astrology i think it deserves great attention.
    Agricultural astrology, as used in biodynamic agriculture, is not only about solar and lunar cycles:

  • Excellent episode. I think part of why I’ve been so drawn to your podcasts and writing is that there’s always an undercurrent of this drive to be concise and 100% clear in what you’re talking about. Since I started studying astrology seriously, I’ve felt the same way about the importance of defining technical terms clearly and with minimal ambiguity, so I’m right there with you on that. I think this is really important work, and I’m glad you’re doing it and doing it well. I hope to contribute as time goes on!