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Birth Data Collection, Sect, and Other Research

astrolabeThe 23rd episode is a solo show where I talk about some upcoming conferences and workshops, the latest news in the astrological community, and some topics that I’ve been researching lately.

The research topics I discuss include birth data collection, determining when a chart switches from day to night, and an issue related to reception.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the episode:

Outline of the Episode and Relevant Links

  • Upcoming conferences and workshops I’m speaking at:
  • Jeff Jawer’s cancer fundraiser.
    • General discussion about the important role of community fundraisers in the astrological community.
  • Astrotheme and issues with the veracity of celebrity birth data on their website.
  • Recent research project I’ve been doing on sect, and the question of when exactly it becomes a day chart or night chart.
  • The recurring issue I’ve talked about before where a transit or other timing technique will indicate something happening in a person’s life, and an event does happen but the native isn’t aware of it because it wasn’t within their field of vision, and the implications this has for astrological research.
  • Teaser about an upcoming episode where I will talk with a guest about the topic of reception and specific debate about one facet of the technique that I recently became aware of.


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 23 transcript

Download or Stream the Podcast

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  • astrotheme is really very questionable. i really do not like so called celebrity chart because one cannot be sure if even the birthdate is accurate let alone their birthtime. thanks for yoir podcasts

  • Thanks for all your thoughts Chris and just want to express appreciation for the extra care you took to investigate astrotheme. I decided long ago to never trust them, but the investigative time you put into this is valuable.

  • Hi Chris,
    I found this episode useful. Thank you for sharing your disappointment with astrotheme, I too have noticed discrepancies in their chart data and would not use them for anything serious.

    Astrotheme is certainly to blame and such lying and outright manipulation should be made very public so that the astrological community starts to avoid this website. However, a very important issue arises, namely if an Astrology practitioner chooses to use a chart from astrotheme for an article or teaching and by examining the chart cannot determine whether the data is accurate (at least the Asc, let’s skip the 2 Lots), and especially if this happens more than once, such a person has no right to call themselves an Astrology practitioner (I don’t use the word “astrologer”), much less charge money.

    You said you are planning to make more episodes in the coming months. Might I suggest that you do an episode on the houses of travel and living abroad. This is a key topic especially in today’s mobile world yet it has not been given the attention it deserves. One reason perhaps is because it is controversial and no one has researched it in depth and published those findings. There are disagreements even in Jyotish where they use the same 3rd 7th. 9th and 12th, (what a surprise, yeah right!) but some use the 8th as well and take note of the 4th of course.

  • Hi Chris,
    Great talk..thank you
    I’m especially interested in your observation regarding sect when Sun is within 6 degrees of horizon..(or, maybe up to 15 degrees and the definitions of ‘twilight’, etc..)
    Are you currently thinking that this closeness (i.e., below the Asc or Desc) would suggest either sect is possible for that particular chart, or that it would definitely be a day birth if the Sun was 6 degrees below horizon?

    • So far what it looks like in the charts I’ve been researching is that if the Sun is within 6 degrees degrees below the horizon that it will still be a day chart. I’m still in the process of trying to gather and test examples though, so I don’t have any final conclusions yet. I just know that I have a few charts now that behave like day charts rather than night charts even though the Sun is slightly below the horizon.

  • […] A little problem here, it is VERY common for writers, astrologers, card readers, and so on to have second or even third jobs. The dichotomy here is false, indeed even those who solely depend on writing very often, at least in the US, do not have access to healthcare, same with those selling divination services. In fact even full timers in the Astrology community find themselves having to fund raise for lifesaving heal…. […]

  • Hi Chris, such an interesting podcast as ever!

    For your research – I have the sun 11-12 degrees below the horizon and my chart definitely operates as a night chart, with saturn the only out of sect planet (apart from the sun). In your podcast with Rob Hand about sect, he talked about how an out-of-sect saturn doesn’t know where to stop when it comes to responsibility. That has certainly been my experience of saturn and the times when it has been activated as a time lord and / or active by transit in my life have been really tough. Natal saturn is in detriment in Leo and in the WS 10th, squaring the sun by sign, trining it by degree, but also contra-antiscion the sun. It would be tough in a day chart, but my experiences have led me to conclude that it is definitely a night chart. If my chart were a day chart, then every planet bar the sun and saturn would be out-of-sect, and that just isn’t how the other planets seem to operate in my life. But saturn? Oh boy, yeah.

    I have certainly seen plenty of cases where the sun is within a few degrees of the horizon and the chart operates as a day chart, however, including two people who have their ascendant in the last degrees of one sign and their sun in the first few degrees of the next sign. Even though the sun would be in the 2nd WS house, it’s conjunction to the ascendant is powerful, regardless of it being in a different sign.

    • Hi Chris, thank you for your podcasts, they have changed my practice in many ways.
      I have a thought about whether twilight or dawn charts remain in their sect or not. I live in Tasmania at the bottom of Australia and the twilight length varies radically at different times of the year. This may account for variability in the data. At some time like summer months, the chart below the horizon may switch to a day chart whereas the same time in winter may operate as a night chart.
      Also, the discussion about Jeff Jawer. a favourite astrologer is very moving. Now a couple of years later, I have similar issues. Ironically, this has lead me to you and allowed the time out to learn different genres of astrology. Who knew!