Writing a Horoscope Column with Rick Levine

Writing a Horoscope Column with Rick Levine

Episode 80 features an interview with astrologer Rick Levine about the process and techniques involved in writing a regular horoscope column using Sun-sign astrology.

You can find out more information about Rick on his website at www.stariq.com.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of this episode.

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Show Notes

  • Rick’s background in astrology, and how he got into it.
  • Different areas of interest and focus in astrology.
  • How he came to create the website StarIQ.com with friend Jeff Jawer.
  • How he came to write a syndicated horoscope column.
  • Different types of columns:
    • Yearlies, monthlies, and dailies.
  • Eight years of writing Barnes & Noble’s annual Your Astrology Guide with Jeff.
  • How far ahead are the columns written?
  • Thoughts on the pros and cons of Sun-sign astrology.
    • Sun-sign columns as the gateway for many into the astrological community.
  • How to communicate astrology to the general public without using jargon.
  • Horoscopes as a type of prediction. As a form of divination?
  • Techniques used when writing a Sun-sign column:
    • Derivative whole sign houses from the Sun.
    • Transits
    • Retrograde stations
  • How has your approach to writing columns changed over the years?
  • How do you come up with new content or avoid repeating yourself over time?
  • Do you get weird fan mail?
  • What is it like interacting with a broader audience of astrological enthusiasts?

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity to share my perspective, experiences and techniques with you and your audience.

  2. Michelle says:

    Truly excellent episode. Informative and inspiring, Rick has a gift of engaging the listener to better understand the delicate nature of astrology whilst subtly and effectively teaching it simultaneously. He doesn’t lamely repeat , rather he emphasises points when necessary by applying various perspectives. Your (Rick) monthly YouTube broadcasts are superb – and I now have friends both sceptic and curious, regularly watching them.

  3. Rick and Chris,
    Thank you for this episode. I enjoyed Rick’s thoughts about physics and his techniques for writing a daily column.

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