Christopher Warnock on Astrology, Magic and the Occult

astrology and magicThe 16th episode of the podcast features an interview with astrologer Christopher Warnock on the topic of astrology, magic, and the occult.

Christopher is one of the leading practitioners of astrological magic in the world today, and he is well known for his work with talismans, publishing translations of magical texts such as the Picatrix, and promoting the practice of traditional astrology.

You can find more information about his work at, as well as his discussion group Spiritus Mundi and Renaissance Astrology blog.

Outline of the Podcast

Here are some of the different topics that we covered during the course of the podcast:

  • The general topic is the relationship between astrology, magic, and the occult.
  • What is the definition of magic?
    • How is astrology defined within this context?
  • The worldview underlying the practice of astrology.
  • Why does astrology work?
    • Is this an astrology of signs or causes?
    • Or does the magical worldview present a third approach?
  • What are some of the different ways in which astrology can be applied to magic?
    • Talismans and amulets.
    • Other types of elections.
  • What are some of the main sources for the combined application of astrology and magic?
    • Discussion about the Picatrix, where it came from, what it contains, etc.
  • The differences between modern and traditional astrology.
  • The relationship (or lack of relationship) between the astrological and occult communities.

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  1. Given what we little we know of about the real Magi, I’d have to say the word Magic may have more to do with the cultural mythology we have about them, not what they actually did. In fact I believe it is much more plausible that the Astrological Magic as we know it today probably developed some time after or during the time the rules for Electional Astrology were codified instead. This is a good reference regarding the Magi:

    • Chris Brennan says

      Yeah, I think that he was talking mainly about the etymology of the term rather than a direct historical association, unless he was making some connection with the Sabians of Harran perhaps.

  2. Nicky Allison says

    Fantastic interview Chris! I’ve been following Christopher’s work for a number of years now too, it was great to hear him speak so frankly about his work. He’s also much more amusing than I imagined!

  3. Parmis Mire says

    Thoroughly enjoyed this interview. Thank you.

  4. This is what came out of this podcast for our club here. Thought you might be interested. It starts with Christopher Warnock’s video which goes for 6 and a half minutes, so maybe start at that point.

  5. Very inspirational podcast. It almost feels like this might be the missing link in my understanding of astrology.

  6. Michelle says

    Interesting podcast! Something I’ve not seen discussed is whether it’s advisable to wear traditional Vedic gemstones (Jyotish remedies) along with carrying an astrological talisman. Can you combine Joytish gemstones with astrological talismans by wearing both at the same time?

  7. thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. thank you, chris.

  8. Adam C. Madison says

    One of your best. Excellent work.


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