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Jupiter Transits in Houses: Live Chart Reading Workshop

Jupiter Transits in Houses: Live Chart Reading Workshop

In episode 452 astrologer Chris Brennan hosts a live chart reading session with listeners exploring how Jupiter’s transit through Taurus manifested in their lives based on the house it activated in their birth charts.

The premise of the discussion is that since Jupiter just recently completed its one year transit through Taurus, I asked listeners to send in stories about how that transit played out in their lives, especially in terms of which of the twelve houses it went through in their chart.

This was recorded as a live webinar with patrons of The Astrology Podcast, and during the course of the webinar a number of patrons joined me on video to share their birth chart and talk about their Jupiter transit experience.

I also read a number of written listener submissions different astrologers who shared their experiences of positive and negative events that coincided with that transit.

The purpose of this workshop is that by looking at what Jupiter transits have meant when they went through different houses for people over the past year, you can then take that information and project it out into the future as you try to anticipate what the transit of Jupiter in Gemini will mean for you over the next year.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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  • 00:00:00 Jupiter transits through houses
  • 00:05:55 Becca: Jupiter 4th house transit
  • 00:07:55 Bethany: Jupiter 9th house transit
  • 00:15:44 Olabimpe: 4th/5th house transit
  • 00:26:25 Malou: 6th house transit
  • 00:38:13 Nataliya: 9th house
  • 00:40:48 Victoria: 8th house
  • 00:42:49 Julie: 10th house
  • 00:57:11 Learn to read birth charts
  • 01:00:03 Elisabeth: 2nd house
  • 01:12:27 Debbie: 7th house
  • 01:14:04 Carly: 7th house
  • 01:24:35 Cherokee: 1st house
  • 01:26:23 Marissa: 2nd house
  • 01:28:25 Shannon: 3rd house
  • 01:31:08 Sunny: 1st house
  • 01:32:47 Janice: 1st house
  • 01:43:08 Alison: 11th house
  • 01:51:43 Dawn: 6th house
  • 01:53:25 Michelle: 5th house
  • 01:56:30 Jessica: 6th house
  • 02:09:45 Andy: 5th house
  • 02:13:44 Kristen: 4th house
  • 02:20:54 Jenny: 8th house
  • 02:22:04 Erin: 4th/5th house
  • 02:24:14 Adriana: 2nd house
  • 02:26:00 Maria: 10th house
  • 02:29:26 Maud: 1st house
  • 02:33:58 Jenny: 8th house
  • 02:35:17 Rae: 7th house
  • 02:36:43 Amiyrah: 7th house
  • 02:55:39 Concluding remarks
  • 02:59:56 Credits

Watch the Video Version of This Episode

Watch the video version of this episode on Jupiter transits on YouTube:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 452 transcript

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