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Astrology Forecast July 2023

Astrology Forecast July 2023

In episode 407 astrologers Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock, and Kira Sutherland look ahead at the astrological forecast for July of 2023!

This month Venus stations retrograde in the sign of Leo, and transiting Mars in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces.

At the top of the episode we discuss the astrology of some recent stories in the news, largely focusing on the first Saturn station in Pisces and how that coincided with a string of notable ocean related stories.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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Auspicious Election for July

The most auspicious astrological date this month is July 30 at 6:35 AM, with Leo rising!

For other auspicious dates this month see our Auspicious Elections podcast:


Our year ahead electional report is now on sale for 50% off:


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Venus Retrograde Worksheet

Venus retrograde worksheet

Chinese Translation of Chris’ Book



  • 00:00:00 Introduction
  • 00:00:50 Quick overview of July astrology
  • 00:01:48 Welcoming Kira and Austin
  • 00:02:43 Apple announces new VR headset
  • 00:04:35 Submarine and Saturn in Pisces
  • 00:13:39 Orcas
  • 00:17:41 Possible life on Saturn’s ocean Moon
  • 00:18:50 Lab grown meat approved
  • 00:23:25 Russian rebellion
  • 00:42:08 Sphere + Sundry sponsor
  • 00:46:05 July forecast begins
  • 00:47:45 Venus retrograde buildup
  • 01:13:15 Capricorn Full Moon July 3
  • 01:22:00 Mars-Saturn opposition applying July 10-20
  • 01:38:00 New Moon in Cancer July 17
  • 01:48:00 Venus stations retrograde July 21/22
  • 02:12:54 Auspicious election July 30
  • 02:15:25 Mercury into Virgo July 28
  • 02:19:19 Kira, Austin, and Chris’ offerings
  • 02:26:21 Patrons, sponsors, end cards

Watch the Video Version of This Episode

Watch the video version of this episode on YouTube:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 407 transcript

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

Listen to the audio version of this episode or download it as an MP3:

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  • God you guys, the submersible was called Titan and is named after a Saturn moon and saturn goes retrograde which points to the collapsing of the structure.

  • What a great podcast – like all the others 🙂
    It has been good to hear more about Medical Astrology in your podcast series.
    And thank you for the Venus Retrograde worksheet 🙂