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The Astrology of Chiron, with Melanie Reinhart

The Astrology of Chiron, with Melanie Reinhart

In episode 271 astrologer Melanie Reinhart joins the show to talk about her pioneering work on the minor planet Chiron in astrology.

Melanie is the author of the book Chiron and the Healing Journey, which was originally published in 1989, and is now in its fourth edition.

Chiron was discovered on November 1, 1977, and Melanie was one of a number of astrologers who soon after began researching its astrological meaning.

During the course of the interview we talk about Melanie’s background in astrology, the Greek myths surrounding Chiron, and how it shows up in people’s lives depending on where it is placed in the birth chart.

For more information about Melanie see her website:


Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to recording.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

Show Notes and Episode Outline

  • Introducing Melanie, talk briefly about her bio, background, accolades
    • Born in Zimbabwe
    • Practicing astrology since 1975
    • Author of Chiron and the Healing Journey (1989)
    • Charles Harvey Award for exceptional service to astrology in 2004
  • Chiron was discovered on November 1, 1977
    • By astronomer Charles Kowal
    • Chiron glyph is a key, but also a K for Kowal
  • Orbits between Saturn and Uranus
    • New class of bodies called centaurs
    • Bodies orbiting between the asteroid belt and Kuiper belt
    • Variously classified as asteroid, minor planet, dwarf planet, comet.
  • Some astrologers quickly became interested in researching it.
    • Zane Stein one of the first astrologers working on Chiron
    • Erminie Lantero The Continuing Discovery of Chiron in April 1984
    • Demetra George Asteroid Goddesses published June of 1986
    • Barbara Hand Clow’s chiron book published 1987
    • Melanie’s book was first published in 1989
  • How did you first get interested in researching Chiron?
  • What was the process of starting to understand the meaning of Chiron?
  • The mythology associated with the name as a meaningful starting point
    • Use of Greek myth associated with name for interpretive purposes
  • What is the myth of Chiron?
    • Wounded healer, melding of animal/instinctual and human parts of us
  • Astronomical properties also having symbolic significance
    • Orbiting between Saturn and Uranus
    • “Very small, only 180km in diameter, Chiron can also describe those things that, being so small, may seem insignificant, but in actuality are powerful.”
  • How do you currently define Chiron’s role in astrology and in charts?
  • Chiron as a bridge between two worlds
  • House position as an area of life that is “initially blocked, wounded or functioning poorly”
  • A cluster of events, patterns and circumstances which repeat
    • In spite of our efforts to change things
  • Person can play the role of the Healer, the Wounded One, or the Wounder
  • Theme of doing for others what we cannot do for ourselves.
  • Theme of sacrifice
    • Separated from something that we feel we can’t live without
  • Feeling of exile
  • Has your conceptualization of Chiron’s meaning changed any over time?
    • What was changed or added in revised editions of the book?
    • First edition published 12 years after discovery
    • Now in 4th edition
  • Stays in different signs for irregular amounts of time
    • Highly elliptical orbit
    • 50-51 year cycle, so Chiron return is around that age
    • 8 years in Pisces and Aries
    • Only about 2 in Virgo and Libra
    • Elliptic orbit means the squares can occur anywhere from 5 to 23
    • But the return is always around 50
  • Listener questions from Zamboni Funk, Diana Schaap, and Claire Moon


Here are some timestamps for topics covered at different points in the episode:

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:30 Reinhart’s background
00:12:07 Chiron’s history
00:17:28 Chiron books
00:19:28 Her Chiron journey
00:24:30 Why talk about Chiron?
00:29:23 Chiron mythology
00:49:28 Wounded healer
00:59:10 Chiron return
01:10:45 House placements
01:29:40 Her book
01:38:07 New Chiron insights
01:41:59 Four other centaurs
01:44:40 Techniques
01:51:38 Orbs
01:55:14 Other Chiron themes
02:03:31 Review of her book
02:04:55 Conclusion

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A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 271 transcript

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  • I want to be able to say something brilliant about this podcast. A bit of a slow beginning but so much amazing content. Melanie Reinhart has embodied the energies of Chiron. She understands that “listening” to her clients has led her to her greatness. Chris Brennan at his best! I am so appreciative.

  • Thank you so much for this episode.

    I have had the pleasure to have a couple of highly insightful in-person consultations with Melanie Reinhart back in the day. Her contribution to the astrological world is immense.