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The Life and Work of Noel Tyl, Astrologer

The Life and Work of Noel Tyl, Astrologer

Episode 262 features an interview with astrologers Basil Fearrington and Kathy Rose about the life and work of the astrologer Noel Tyl.

Noel Tyl was one of the most prolific astrologers of the late 20th and early 21st century, having authored around 30 books.

He passed away last year, on December 31, 2019, the day he turned 83 years old.

I almost did an interview with him last fall, but it didn’t come together, and I regretted having missed the opportunity.

In order to make up for it I decided to interview two of Noel’s most prominent students, Basil and Kathy, who continue to teach his methods.

In the first part of the episode we talk about Noel’s biography, and in the second part we talk about his approach to astrology and what made it unique and distinctive.

Thanks to Matthew Ouimet for his help putting together the outline for this episode!

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to listen to the episode.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

Show Notes and Episode Outline


  • Noel Jan Tyl (1936-2019)
  • Born December 31, 1936, at 3:57 PM EST in West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Died December 31, 2019 at 11:11 AM in Arizona
  • Died on his birthday, at 83 years old.
  • One of the most prolific astrologers of the late 20th century.

Biographical Background on Noel’s Life

  • Born December 31st, 1936, at 3:57 pm EST in West Chester, Pennsylvania.
  • Big guy: 6ft 11in tall
  • Excelled academically and athletically
  • Accepted to Harvard
  • Became aware of astrology after college at age 28 (Saturn return)
  • Went to Zoltan Mason’s bookstore in New York Cit
  • Tyl self-taught through books
  • His first published book was “Astrology as Identity” in 1973.
    • Wrote while in Germany and submitted to Llewelyn
  • Subsequent series: Principles and Practice of Astrology (12 vols)
  • Published 30+ books in his life.
    • Strong connection with Llewellyn publishing company.
  • Developed and taught his Master’s Course
  • Founding member and early Presiding Officer of AFAN
  • Involved in organizing the first United Astrology Conference (UAC) in 1987.
  • Received Regulus Award at UAC in 1998 for Enhancing Professional Image

Noel Tyl’s Approach to Astrology

  • Humanistic astrological focus
  • What was most important was having a meaningful conversation with the client.
  • Influenced by psychological need theory taught by professor Henry Murray at Harvard
  • Who were Noel’s primary influences as an astrologer?
    • Alan Leo
    • Marc Edmund Jones – personal connection?
    • Dane Rudhyar
    • Reinhold Ebertin
  • Crafted an approach that was both technical and psychological
  • His opposition to the use of the terms benefic and malefic
  • Aspects
    • Focus on hard aspects
  • Minor aspects
    • Didn’t use the inconjunct.
    • Quindecile: 165 degrees – intense focus or obsession
    • Quintile: 72 degrees – creativity
  • Aspect patterns
    • Grand trine
    • T-square
    • Grand square
    • Others involving quadrant or hemisphere emphasis
    • Hemisphere emphasis
    • Singleton planet
  • Houses
    • Placidus houses
    • He did not dismiss all traditional house meanings
    • Focused on what was psychologically and behaviorally important.
    • 2nd house as how you view yourself as a resource; self-worth and self-esteem
    • Rulers of the houses, using modern sign rulers
  • Saturn retrograde interpretation
  • Peregrine as unaspected planet
  • Timing techniques
    • Transits
    • Solar arcs
    • Secondary progressed Moon
  • Midpoints
    • Via Cosmobiology of Reinhold Ebertin
    • He thought the WWII era delineations of Ebertin were too pessimistic
    • “Updated” them
  • Vocation
    • Weekly vocational exercises on his forum
  • Aries point

Learning More


Here are some timestamps for topics covered at different points in the episode:

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:00 Basil Fearrington’s background
00:06:20 Kathy Rose’s background
00:11:04 Noel’s chart
00:16:45 Noel’s background
00:26:37 Noel’s writing
00:30:08 Noel’s 11th house theory
00:32:36 Noel’s approach
00:49:31 Noel’s primary influences
00:56:45 Therapeutic approach
01:00:00 Dislike of benefic and malefic
01:08:40 AFA lectures
01:10:44 Hard aspects and orbs
01:12:14 Minor aspects
01:21:50 Hemisphere emphasis
01:25:25 Singleton planets
01:30:30 Grand trines
01:35:00 T-squares
01:37:27 Houses
01:42:26 Rulers of houses
01:46:34 Saturn retrograde
01:53:05 Past lives and spirituality
01:57:50 Peregrine
02:02:42 Solar arcs, progressed moon
02:14:13 Vocational profiling
02:18:38 His best books
02:23:00 Basil’s book and website
02:24:52 Kathy’s conference and course
02:27:45 Tyl masterwork series
02:29:16 Closing remarks 

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  • Thank you Chris Brennan for this podcast episode, and thank you to your distinguish guests. I had the privilege to meet Noel Tyl In the 1990’s when he lived in McLean, VA just across from my house.

  • A wonderful memory I have of Noel Tyl was attending his performance as Wotan at the 1976 Seattle Ring Cycle Opera. The opera runs 4 days. He wasn’t in the last day’s performance but during a break, outside the opera house he was talking to admirers and signing programs. I went up to him and handed him my program and he signed it as he continued talking to others. Maybe a year or two later I was in a bookstore in the astrology section, of course. There were several books written by a Noel Tyl. I had forgotten his name by then, but the picture on the back looked familiar. I pondered this for several days and then it struck me. I got my program from the opera and there was the very picture of Wotan! At the 1980 conference in Los Angeles I was in the registration room browsing the materials after registering. Then a very tall man entered and the room was mesmorized. I said, “I wouldn’t recognize you without your spear!” He roared with laughter and said in his booming voice, “Ah, an opera lover!” His late wife Haloli was with him and I had a chance to talk to her at various times during the conference. I also have a picture I took of him at the 1995 UAC conference in Monterey, CA taking with Donna Cunningham, unknown man, and Marc Penfield, but can’t seem to download it.

    • Wonderful to browse your ‘walking-down-the-memory lane’. Thank you. Just one correction: Noel was never married to his girlfriend Haloli Richter; he regarded her highly and I had met her too. Noel’s still grieving wife. C.v.Legat

  • Wow.. I did not realize that Noel passed away. I was his student in 1999-2000 and took his course,which was fantastic. It set me up to practice better. I had been studying since I was 16 . Now 62, I am creating a website and putting it out there. He was my mentor and a fabulous person. He supported everything in my studies..I will never forget him.
    By the way he passed before his Uranus return..it takes 84 years for Uranus to come back to its original position at birth. My father passed away at the same time.
    For those who are on their journey in astrology, his books are great.
    God Bless him.