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Answering Astrology Questions with Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan

In episode 236 astrologers Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan got together in-person to answer some questions about astrology that were sent in by listeners of the show.

This was the last of the in-studio recordings that we did in Denver towards the end of Austin and Kelly’s trip here in late November.

The astrology questions we answered were sent in through Twitter, as well as our private Facebook group, which is available to patrons of The Astrology Podcast.

Thanks everyone who sent in questions!

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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Astrology Questions Discussed in This Episode

Here are some of the questions we answered in this episode:

From Rob @oldschoolastro via Twitter

What was the role of transits in ancient astrology? And how do each of you employ transits in your current practise, in contrast to other predictive techniques?

From Cat @occultproblems via Twitter

What do you think your role is as a group of astrologers who are now a tier older than the youngest generation of professional astrologers? Like, what is the role of mentorship and role modeling in the community, and what are your favorite ways to enact that? What would you like to see more of?

From @theblogwitch via Twitter

What are y’all’s hopes/fears for the coming year(s) re: astrology? are there certain discussions or conversations you can see needing to happen within the community as a whole? are there any upcoming configurations that bode positively/negatively for the rise of astrology?

From Martina Segovia on the Astrology Podcast Patreon Facebook group

I’m looking to start a local IRL astrology group; any tips to help it be successful?

From @adinahertzel via Twitter

How do you maintain and honor your boundaries/the privacy of others when friends (or acquaintances/coworkers/whomever) ask you about their charts or about themselves when they learn you’re an astrologer?

From @mercuryprashant via Twitter

Do you charge your regular fees from relatives also? Is your approach different from as compared to unknown clients??

From @joey_puopolo via Twitter

I’m curious how astrologers handle doing readings for their spouses/significant others, and where everyone stands on the ethics of that, etc. I’m sure astrologers don’t want a counseling relationship, but at the same time, still want their spouse to be aware of certain placements.

From @fortunatefire via Twitter

Kelly talked about the importance of astrologers “cross-pollinating” in her keynote at norwac. What do you cross-pollinate your astrology with? Or, are there other folks cross-pollinating their astrology in ways that you’d like to see more of?

From @alyssapashya via Twitter

This is a whole pandora’s box you may want to leave closed, but i want to hear more about how Austin has incorporated his jyotish studies into his western approach and the utility of looking at someone’s chart in both zodiacs and what can be gained from that /how to reconcile

From @napatean via Twitter

Do you have other astrologers read your charts for you? How often do you look at your own chart? What are some good questions to ask when having your first reading?

From @grace_rolek via Twitter

If you have the malefic contrary to sect in the sign of its rulership or exaltation, would you interpret that as having more power to cause trouble or would you say that it’s less troublesome because of its dignity?

From @bryonyclimb via Twitter

Is it more subjectively positive for a native to have strongly positioned malefics or weakly positioned malefics? Ex. Would angular Saturn in Cap in a night chart be better or worse for the native than an angular Saturn in Aries in a night chart?

From @Rene_Marcellus on Twitter

I have a nodal return coming up. I’m having a hard time finding info about it. I’d love to know what one should expect during a nodal return.

From Erin Bee on the Patreon Facebook group

How do you communicate really extremely nasty aspects to a client?

From @BernalOrbit via Twitter

If you could trade placements with each other from your charts, which ones would you take on, and why?


Here are some timestamps for topics covered at different points in the episode:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:11 The role of transits in ancient astrology
00:02:22 How they use transits in practice
00:14:48 Their role as older astrologers
00:16:06 Being a role model in the community
00:22:16 Mentorship
00:22:51 What they want to see more of in the community
00:23:36 Their take on the future of astrology
00:27:40 The next generation of astrologers
00:28:50 Decline in local astrology groups
00:33:36 Tips for starting a local astrology group
00:36:17 How to maintain boundaries when friends ask about their charts
00:46:24 Do they have a family and friends rate?
00:54:34 Readings for spouses/partners.
01:00:52 “Cross-pollinating” in astrology
01:09:20 How Austin uses Vedic in his practice
01:21:20 How often they look at their charts.
01:29:11 Questions to ask before your first astrology reading
01:34:17 Malefic contrary to sect in the sign of its rulership or exaltation
01:41:00 What to expect during nodal returns
01:44:40 How to communicate difficult aspects to a client
02:03:43 Placements they would steal from each other’s charts

Watch the Video Version of This Episode

Here is the video version of our question and answer episode:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 236 transcript

Answering Astrology Questions with Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris BrennanListen to the Audio Version of This Episode

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