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2019 Astrology Forecast: Overview of the Year Ahead

2019 Astrology Forecast: Overview of the Year Ahead

In episode 187 of the podcast astrologers Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan provide an overview of the astrology of 2019, and discuss the major planetary alignments that will occur over the course of the next twelve months.

The astrology of 2019 features solar eclipses occurring in Capricorn and Cancer, Uranus moving into Taurus, three Jupiter-Neptune squares, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction getting very close, and much, much more.

In this episode we went through each month in order, starting with January, and provided an in-depth discussion of the major planetary transits that will occur.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions, and links to both are below.

News and Announcements

  • Our 2019 Astrology Calendar Posters are now available! These are full poster-sized versions of the artwork we use on the forecast episodes each month.
  • Kelly recently started a new podcast and forecast series, and has a bunch of events and classes coming up in 2019, which you can find out about at KellysAstrology.com
  • Austin is getting ready to launch a new podcast, and also has a number of classes and events in 2019, which you can find out about at AustinCoppock.com
  • Chris and Leisa just released their 2019 Electional Astrology Report, which contains the best election they could find for each month in 2019.
  • The podcast feed should now display all past episodes, right on your app or mobile device. Some people have reported errors with some apps like Pocket Casts, and if this happens try unsubscribing and resubscribing on your app. If this doesn’t fix it then contact Chris.

Auspicious Electional Chart for January

The auspicious election this month that was chosen by Leisa Schaim is set for:

There are a few more electional charts that we found for January, which are available in our private subscriber-only podcast on auspicious elections that was released today.

Watch the Video Version of the 2019 Astrology Forecast

Here is the video version of our 2019 astrology forecast episode:

Listen to the Audio Version of Our 2019 Astrology Forecast

You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • Oh thank goodness (re: Kelly’s comment about the rewards for the folks who suffered under Saturn in Sag). I just finished a master’s program that became way more protracted than it needed to be under SiS. I’m about to start looking for a teaching position!

  • Interesting to note that mars/mercury transit Cancer opposite pluto/saturn/sn Cap in June that was discussed so heavily also happens to encompass Father’s Day, which is the 16th. The symbolism is incredible.

  • Well, that was depressing!! Or is it just the transiting Sun conjunct Saturn square to my Sun today? To confirm Kelly’s comment about the Nomadic life while Uranus configures to H 4 ruler or H4. Yes yes and yes. And I am tired of this so will be happier once Uranus leaves the trine both the house and its ruler. And then Austin reminding us that Capricorn/Cancer is about the family of origin – again a H4 theme. This puts a very different spin on where Saturn is transiting. As both the Moon and Saturn are in House 4 for me this just happens to make a lot of sense, but what about the house where Saturn is transiting? Double Saturn is just too much Saturn for me. Looking forward to the details of the month as all this year Saturn runs alongside Jupiter pointing at the same house in one’s chart. i was surprised this was not emphasized more. There is that Aries house getting hit hard all year. I think the transits of Mars ever the more important for it. Also, have done my own research on the meaning of these eclipses. I think it is very helpful to know which Saros cycle we are talking about. Thanks for putting out he effort to put this podcast out during the holiday season. Every hopeful Jupiter will help. Let us not forget that there is air in the balloon despite all the deflation of Saturn. One month at a time eh?

  • Re the South Node/Saturn/Pluto discussion and improper grief,

    Mars Rx conjunct the South Node w/ Uranus ingress into Aquarius squaring it was arguably the dominant theme of 2018, and in light of South Node/Saturn/Pluto this year, it’s a) a continuation of that theme while a b) simultaneous preview onto the dominant theme[s] of 2020, too.

    One could say we are suffering the effects of improper grief on an institutional scale going back to the bank bailouts. Only now does it seem there to be an acceptance–a key part of the grief process–as awareness of neocapitalism threatens to go mainstream.

    And we’re still seeing/will continue to see a lot of denial, as I believe most people are more or less optimistic about America being “saved.” No, I think reviewing what has come before is integral. The answers are very much in the past.

    Terence McKenna used to say science fiction was the real gateway drug. Well, look at the world: outer planet technology (Uranian technology: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”; Neptunian technology: mass propaganda led by Hollywood; Plutonian technology: systematic corruption cleverly hidden, layers upon layers to wade through) used to enslave the less fortunate ones without access to said technology. What is occurring in the world was accurately predicted through science fiction. (The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress; Dune; 1984; Fahrenheit 451.)

    It stands to reason, then, a review of some of our best science fiction may give us as accurate or better predictions than any other tool we have at our disposal.

  • Brillianter even than usual, guys! I’m glad you pulled no punches re Saturn and Pluto. Revolutionize your front lawn, folks, plant spuds!

  • The last time I had mars in cancer opp my capricorn mars whilst Saturn was on my mars in june 1989,I broke up with friends because one of them stole my lighter while I fetched a beer. I asked for the lighter back,they told me “you have to learn”.
    I replied “you mean I have to learn not to leave my lighter with friends while i fetch a drink from bar? Such friends”
    And that was it, I broke up with them. Now mars in ries square I avoid too uch going out and in June it seems I better avoid people or going out. Mars in cancer will be in my 2nd of possessions(the lighter). But my saturn is of the sect