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August 2018 Astrology Forecast: Final Solar Eclipse in Leo

August 2018 Astrology Forecast: Final Solar Eclipse in Leo

In episode 166 astrologers Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show to talk about the astrological forecast for August of 2018.

August features Uranus stationing retrograde for the first time in Taurus, the last of a series of solar eclipses in Leo that started last year, Mars retrograding back into Capricorn and then stationing direct, and more.

At the top of the show we discuss the process of writing horoscopes, and some of the challenges associated with it, after Chris’ recent foray into making monthly horoscopes.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download the recording of this episode.

News and Announcements

News and announcement from the top of the show:

Giveaway from Sphere + Sundry

Our sponsor this month was Sphere + Sundry, which produces materials for self-care and magic on rare and potent astrological elections.

They create products using sympathetic herbs, metals, gems, and oils, and this month we gave away three sets from their new Asclepius series.

For more information about these packages, as well as other useful information about remediation for natal placements and transits, visit sphereandsundry.com.

Astrological Alignments for August

Here are some of the major transits that we covered for August:

  • Venus moves into Libra August 6
  • Uranus stations retrograde in early Taurus on August 7
  • Solar Eclipse in Leo August 11
  • Mars retrogrades into Capricorn August 12
  • Mercury stations direct August 19
  • Jupiter trine Neptune exact August 19
  • Sun moves into Virgo August 23
  • Full Moon in Pisces August 26
  • Mars stations direct in Capricorn August 27

Auspicious Electional Chart for August

The auspicious election this month that was chosen by Leisa Schaim is set for:

There are three more electional charts that we found for August, which are available in our private subscriber-only podcast on auspicious elections that was released today.

If you would like to get access to that discussion, then all you have to do is become a patron of The Astrology Podcast on the $5 or $10 tier through our page on on Patreon, and then you will get access to the 30-minute Auspicious Elections Podcast immediately.

Watch the Video Version of this Episode

Here is the video version of the August 2018 astrology forecast:

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • Kate has definitely written some amazingly helpful articles. She’s basically gotten me thru eclipse season! Love her work!!

  • Fixed Stars, yes!!! I love B Brady’s work, her clear voice. A needed podcast! I thought being forewarned and forearmed by reading Brady’s work on Saros cycle would help but you know, the Eclipse Event is akways unexpected, an unknown until it hits. That is Life happening. Understanding there is an order and working through the analysis helps calm the emotion?

  • Fixed Stars, yes!!! I love B Brady’s work, her clear voice. A needed podcast! I thought being forewarned and forearmed by reading Brady’s work on Saros cycle would help but you know, the Eclipse Event is akways unexpected, an unknown until it hits. That is Life happening. Knowing astrology just makes things intellectually interesting. I have been affected deeply by this eclipse (again). Thought I had worked through a necessary release but realized after the Event how much more work I need to do and set intention to do so. This was a Moon / Saturn solar arc degree for me as well as a midpoint degree of Moon/Saturn and Sun/Mercury. H 6, See correlation between health and emotions clearly. Big sense if loss too. Awful stuff.

  • Hi Chris,
    I would love to use the election in August to send in my final exam for my first astrology certification. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me with a question: shall I send the exam in at my time (Pacific) or the examiner’s time (London)? What is your opinion?
    I am learning so much from your podcasts. Thanks so very much.

    • If you are trying to use one of our electional charts then you always want to set the time for your location where you are initiating the action.

  • Regarding water as a theme of this last lunar eclipse, I can confirm that I made many ‘lunar eclipse’ entries in my notebook concerning water-related instances that were happening around me during the two-week period leading up to the eclipse–all concerning breaks in water control systems (sprinkler system breaks, several instances of city water system leaks that flooded streets, water heaters breaking, etc).
    Good show. Thanks for running long on this one! 🙂 I enjoyed it!

  • Hi Chris, i’m thinking of signing up for your course with this month’s election.
    Would you suggest signing up for your course on the actual time of the election, or signing up beforehand and playing the first video during that election time? From an electional perspective which do you think would yield a better result?
    Thank you

    • Usually when there are multiple possible beginnings I try to do everything at once, or at least as close together around the time of the election as possible. The most important symbolic moment in this instance though is probably when you first access the course site and begin studying, especially for a 9th house election like this with the ruler of the Ascendant there.

  • Listened for the past two years. Love the show and all three of you!

    Since you asked for lunar eclipse stories, I thought I’d share mine:

    My Rising is 1 Leo 45 sec, so I was incredibly nervous about the eclipse happening on my desc. I’m in a relationship that feels very fated and am incredibly wrapped up in and invested in my relationship with him. So, the last couple months I’ve been really fearful about what could happen between us.

    Then the day of the eclipse, I finally get an email from my divorce lawyer (from a relationship that dissolved abruptly during the 2015 Venus rx) that my divorce papers were finally ready for us to sign and finalize. Here I was terrified that something awful would happen in my current relationship, but it turned out to be a great piece of news about the dissolution of a marriage that wasn’t meant to be. The email from the attorney arrived WHILE the eclipse was happening.

    • Thanks for sharing that story! I’ve had this happen a bunch of times, where you see a potentially negative or problematic transit or other indication coming up, and then it happens it is technically something negative or symbolically appropriate, but it ends up being much more mild or manageable than you expected. That would make for a good discussion actually, if I could gather some more examples.

    • Kate – I too find your story interesting – thanks for sharing. I have been studying eclipses using Bernadette Brady’s book, “The Eagle and the Lark”. ( I also took Austin’s class online a while back.) Brady uses conjunctions and oppostions and squares for her only if partile ( exact degree). This is her deduction from years of chart reading. 1 deg 45 sec (your DESC degree) deducted from the degree of the eclipse at 4 deg 45 sec is 3 degrees. This is useful information as you experienced a clear Event .5 degrees outside of the allowable orb she states. It was an eclipse that was conjoining the South Node (letting go, releasing) and Lunar (material and/or emotional). I guess the decree could be considered material ? Interesting too that Mercury was retrograde at this time and you received a communication. I too experienced this eclipse event through a communication. I think this points to the wholistic approach to chart interpretation. In the last year, a phone call has been the disruptive messenger of shocking events.