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Live Podcast Event at United Astrology Conference 2018

Live Podcast Event at United Astrology Conference 2018

Episode 159 is a live podcast discussion that was recorded in front of an audience at the United Astrology Conference in Chicago on May 27, 2018, with Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan.

This was our first time hosting an event like this, or recording an episode of the podcast in person in front of an audience, so it was a bit of an experiment, but in the end it was a success!

Part of the purpose of the event was to have a discussion about the future of astrology, and specifically the question of what historians will say when they look back on the current period that we live in now in the astrological community, and what they will identify as some of the most important emerging trends.

The other part of the purpose of the event was to get together a group of podcast listeners and give them a chance to meet and connect with each other at the conference, especially since for many of them it was their first conference.

Towards the end we also did a Q&A with the audience, and passed a mic around to answer some questions.

This episode is available in both an audio and a video version, and you can find links to both below.

Special thanks for Caleb Grayson for handling the audio production for the event, to Laura Nalbandian for giving us the space, Tony Howard for some last minute help recording video footage, Paula Belluomini for designing the invitations, Stephen Coppock for audio editing/post-production, Peter LeBlanc for helping us get set up for the event on short notice, and to everyone who attended the event that night!

Gallery of Images from the Event

Pictures taken at the event by Nicholas Polimenakos, Jenn Zahrt, and Kent Bye:

Watch the Video Version of This Episode

Here is the video version of this episode of the podcast:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 159 transcript

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • Is Austin’s birthdata shared somewhere? I tried to look up his chart, as I remembered he said something about Gemini Moon or rising and I can’t find him sharing the chart on the web nor find where in this podcast episode he said that about his chart.

  • That was a really interesting, entertaining and dynamic podcast, congratulations to all of you, and to the questioners, who with only one exception kept it concise and non- hobbyhorsey. As ye may now know from an Irishman who attended, you have a small but strong following here in Ireland, hope we’ll see some or all of you here someday.
    Beidh cead mile failte romhaibh!

  • UAC was a lifetime event for me. Even though I could not afford it. It was more than worth it. However, there was way too much. Again, I am confronted with the vastness of different study path possibilities and I had to step back and breathe. I took the advice to sample a few seminars on subjects I had not studied much anymore. This includes financial astrology and eclipses. I was amazed how specific astrologers focus and become expert on one area demonstrating the utility of astrology. I can’t wait for the next one. Great podcast. Again. Also, I second the motion that a conference with Hellenistic/Traditional Astrology focus is in order. In addiction Denver, I thow Santa Fe into the hat for location.

  • Thank you all three for this episode! It is allways a pleasure! Only this time I was really disgusted by the tabacco spitting Austin did infront of the camera! I hope you can not do this on the podcast, please! I will be very gratefull to you!

  • I am watching this in February of 2021, and I will testify that, HELL YES, we will so desperately NEED to get together, in person, to learn from the new masters, and make friends with future masters!! xxoo to the acclaimed Chris Brennan, dear Kelly Surtees, and the dark, but profoundly compelling, Austin Coppock. Gratitude and blessings to you, from ‘the rest of us…’ lol