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Sade Sati: Saturn Transiting the Natal Moon

Sade Sati: Saturn Transiting the Natal Moon

In episode 135 astrologer Ryan Kurczak joins the show to talk about the concept of sade sati in Indian astrology, which is a 7.5 year period when Saturn transits the signs around the natal Moon.

As we discuss in the episode, the sade sati transit is usually said to begin when Saturn moves into the zodiacal sign that is just before the sign of the Moon in a person’s birth chart, it culminates while Saturn is moving through the sign of the natal Moon itself, and then eventually it is brought to completion as it passes through the sign after the Moon.

One of the themes we discuss that is associated with this transit is developing compassion through suffering, as the transit is often associated with a difficult period in a person’s life.

Later in the episode we also touch on related topics such as mitigating conditions and astrological remedies.

Ryan lives in Asheville, North Carolina, and he specializes in Indian astrology. He runs a popular YouTube channel where he produces videos on Vedic astrology.

You can find out more information about Ryan on his website at:


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A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 135 transcript

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  • The overlap with Saturn return is remarkable – the Moon part I found fascination since this is about the parents – the mother or Cancerian one – and the habit as tendency built over time. To me the distinction being saturn return demands we create that which endures and the sade sate – the act of enduring the suffering – bringing in the emotional component of the moon. a very realistic conversation (no pun intended). My Moon is attached to Saturn less than a degree so I live with this and the Saturn return and Sade Sati all the same to me so interesting that right now, the fall out in the third house will be Capricorn, which is Saturn ruled, all the while, Saturn will be ingress there soon.. I have cried rivers . 2 1/2 more years to go – and in house 5 no less! (Girl knows how to have fun, hu?)

  • My 7 and1/2 year Sadi Sati ends on Dec 20th. At the same time, Saturn enters my son’s natal Saturn sign and my wife’s natal moon sign, which happens correspond to my 7th house. What synchronicity!

  • I’ve had a hard few years lately (on the verge of unemployment and homelessness), and I was beginning to think this was just the new norm when I happened to hear this podcast. I’ve never heard of sadi sate, but I bet you can guess where my moon is located (late scorpio). Now that I know what I face, I’ve been smiling for the last several days. and I feel much better about my circumstances. Armed with this information, I only hope to perform well for the remainder of my trial. Thank you.

  • thanks for this chris and ryan.. i really enjoyed it with the focus on saturn.. i liked ryans take on saturn and agree with him in many ways.. and thanks for the book recommendation too on saturn…

  • i have moon in cancer opp saturn (and neptune and uranus – 89 baby) in cap. I just did some life reflections and when saturn entered cancer, my mom was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer’s. By the time saturn ingressed out of leo I had graduated high school and left home to go to college. and now, saturn returns and opposes my moon.