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Astrology Forecast + Major Alignments for October 2017

Astrology Forecast + Major Alignments for October 2017

In episode 126 of the podcast astrologers Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees join the show to talk about the astrological forecast for October of 2017, which includes Jupiter moving into Scorpio, lunations in Aries and Libra, and more.

The show opens with a brief discussion about relocational astrology, which was covered earlier this month in episode 123, and Kelly and Austin share some interesting personal experiences with the subject.

Later in the episode we also feature an auspicious electional chart for the month of October, which is a Venus election with Libra rising and Venus in Libra in the first house.

The artwork for this episode comes from the 2017 Planet Watcher astrology calendar.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of this episode of the podcast.

This month’s episode is available in both an audio version and a video version, and you will find links to both at the bottom of this page.

News and Announcements

At the top of the show we discuss some news and announcements:

  • Chris just started a new private monthly show called The Casual Astrology Podcast, which is available as a new benefit for patrons of the show who sign up on the $10 tier through our page on Patreon. This series will feature being the scenes news about the show, some topics segments that didn’t make it into the main podcast, and occasionally some exclusive interview segments. The first episode was just released to all patrons on September 28.
  • The ability to attend the live taping of each month’s forecast episode has just been made a benefit for patrons on the $3 tier and above.
  • Kelly just published the 2018 WellBeing Astrology Guide. We are going to give away two copies to two lucky patrons this week.
  • Kelly is giving a workshop on an Introduction to Hellenistic and Traditional Astrology on in Sydney on October 6.

Initial Discussion and Timestamps

We talk about news, announcements, and relocational astrology for a bit at the top of the show.

If you want to jump forward to the forecast segment of the episode, we start that discussion at 28:00 minutes into the audio recording.

Major Astrological Alignments in October

  • Full Moon in Aries October 5.
  • Mercury-Sun superior conjunction Oct 8.
  • Jupiter ingresses into Scorpio October 10.
  • Venus ingresses into Libra October 14.
  • Mercury ingresses into Scorpio October 17.
  • Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio Oct 18.
    • First planet to conjoin Jupiter in his new sign.
  • New Moon in Libra October 19.
    • This Sun/Moon conjunction is opposite Uranus within 4 minutes! Another sync with the last Jupiter-Uranus.
  • Mars ingresses into Libra October 22.
  • Sun ingresses into Scorpio October 23.
  • Sun-Jupiter conjunction Oct 26.
    • This restarts the Sun-Jupiter synod in Scorpio. Seeds of the new Jupiter in Scorpio program.

Auspicious Electional Chart for October

Here is the primary auspicious electional chart that we highlighted for October:

There are three more electional charts that we found for October, which we will be talking about in our private subscriber-only podcast on auspicious elections that will be released tomorrow.

If you would like to get access to that discussion, then all you have to do is become a patron of The Astrology Podcast on the $5 or $10 tier through our page on on Patreon, and then you will get access to the 45-minute Auspicious Elections Podcast as soon as it is released.

Watch the Video Version of this Episode

Here is the video version of this month’s forecast episode:

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • At the exact Venus/Mars conjunction they form a much more exact antiscia with Mercury than with the full moon and Mercury and Venus are in each one’s generosity or are in reception..”fair trade”(Mercury/Venus)
    via Virgo and Libra.

  • Libra is a lot about thinking out strategies..thinking in pictures or a”pictorial” way of thinking.. i refer to minute 61 to 62 where Kelly shortly talks about the “shadow” side of Libra ..and the Mercury /Pluto square

    • Yeah Kelly is right. Whats more Manipulative than a Libran Agenda? The blatant injustice happening behind the scenes to these great gestures of false diplomacy…..also cazimi mercury/pluto makes sense….what is more blinding,concealing, than light? Shadows are not an offense to the senses, as much as the sun is….it makes perfect sense to me that when new info is provided or gained, that all the perspectives we were previously defending will seem ridiculous and a period of sanctuary/mourning/pluto will occur for those obsolete yet emotionally expensive former goals/ideologies.

  • Oh Kelly! I as on the edg of my seat with what you were saying. Where can we find out more about your thoughts regarding this??

  • Hey Chris do a podcast about astrology and its relation with mythology that would be interesting i think.. also including thy myths of the fixed stars and the constellations!
    Best Regards Philipp

  • Your discussion about Mercury and Venus and haggling was interesting, given the NAFTA negotiations going on between Canada, the U.S and Mexico

  • I loved the comments by Austin and Kelly about their personal use of the Planetary Hours, of which I tried the ‘Venus and Mercury’ hours to get writing done. My ability to write down my ideas and explore them was much more effective than usual. Thanks all!

  • About the Contra Antiscia midpoint involving Sun, and the Antiscia (Moon opposing this midpoint) – since it is still a very Virgo time out there – the details of this are driving me crazy. Using the American Ephemeris at midnight Universal Time: On October 5 at noon, the Moon is 8 Aries 49, (12 Aries 43 at fullness), Mercury is 8 Libra 57, Mars is 18 Virgo 45, and Venus us 18 Virgo 20. The Sun is 11 Libra 56. The Moon catches up to the Sun opposition at 18:41. For the sake of this calculation I am using Venus Mars and Mercury at midnight. Mercury opposes Moon at midnight exact. Is it 12 degrees at 18:41, the time of the Full Moon? Venus and Mars at 18 Virgo are 12 degrees away from the 0 degree Libra, as is the Sun and in opposition, the Moon at the time of the full Moon. In other words, the midpoint is 0 degrees Libra, the Contra Antiscia is the Sun, the Antiscia is the Moon and the other side of the equation (of the scale!) is Venus Mars. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Woops – Moon at midnight is only 1 Aries 53 but 8 degrees 49 at noon. Mercury is 8 degrees 45 at midnight. Still not understanding why Patrick sees Mercury as closer than the Sun and Moon to 12 degrees since it will not be 12 degrees until the 7th of October.

  • GREAT episode btw – kudos to all. I love the idea of this shadow antiscia giving info about Moon and Sun. It is all starting to sound like an espionage movie – especially with the Libra strategy. I have a double Libra brother. No one out negoitates this guy. And in such a cool, Libra way. Cool meaning – very calm. You can see the debate in his mind, the to and fro. He loves the challenge of finding the fairest deal, for himself mostly, ironically – it is all a matter of give and take but he never really loses. This makes me think a lot about Scorpio. To me, as has been stated in other podcasts, Scorpio is the sharp shooter, not the machine gun of Aries, and I find them very strategic as well – in a dark and hidden way as opposed to everything on the table with Libra. I go into negotiations all month. In a Venus profected year, as an Aries Sun/Merc. I really appreciate the comment about picking your worm hole. I am already obsessed with the detail in a very Pluto Mercury kind of way.

  • Co-sign the “keywords” bit. Like, Jupiter in Scorpio: Jupiter is blah, Scorpio is blah. Jupiter acts blah in Scorpio. Paint a picture. You guys are great with technical details but struggle with painting a picture. Pops out to me because the latter comes naturally to me, while the former doesn’t.

    Interesting how that corresponds with your practices as traditional/Hellenistic astrologers. I see that dichotomy mimicked there–EA & Psych Astro excel at painting pictures, while Traditional/Hellenistic, ime, is far more concerned with the technical details.

    • Adam – I see this as the Art – and there are many who excel at it and I admire all of you. It is easy to get lost in the technical – to lay that out with the interpretive is very time consuming. It is just as maddening to have the interpretation with no technical back-up IMO. Also – this is somewhat subjective since astrology is, to use a Richard Tarnas adjective, “mu;ti valanced” in meaning. It is essential to have both – the poetic and the technical. The painting of the picture (at least one among the many, but at least the essence) of how things work out. If you visit Austin’s webiste you will see that he is very poetic and uses fabulous imagery correlation in these podcasts that has been very helpful to me for one. One small example from this podcast is “many details on the scales” when describing Virgo and Libra this month. That is an image I can hold. This is so personal – so when interacting with a client the painting becomes clearer. I can go elsewhere for a total painting with not techno – or just do this for myself.

  • Thanks for another interesting forecast for October.

    I wanted to comment on Austin’s observation of Jupiter-Uranus being a feature of the 1930s (1934-35 opposition, also UR in Aries, JU in Libra) and a lot of scary, reactionary people rising to power as a result of retributive justice flowing out of WWI and the Treaty of Versailles. (If only the proto-organization that became the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom had been listened to – a bit of buried herstory here: http://www.wilpf.org.uk/history/criticising-the-versailles-treaty/ – which met in May 1919 and warned about the seeds of future conflict contained in that treaty, with Saturn opp. Uranus in the sky (women as the underdog, with a radical perspective (Uranus) unheeded or disregarded (Saturn), and SA-UR as “the mistake”), following Saturn’s dance with Pluto in Gemini/Cancer during the Great War.)

    But back to the mid-1930s! I think we’d have to include Pluto in Cancer, making a T-square with those two planets, to be more accurate about that Jupiter opp. Uranus. I didn’t catch if you mentioned that, forgive me if I missed that! As you know so well, Uranus sq. Pluto can be the unleashing of repressed, scary, immature and very nasty bits of the collective. I think Jupiter made it BIGGER, as we’re seeing now with the JU-UR-PL T-square that’s wrapping up.

    I will echo your sentiment that Jupiter-Uranus is not all “good,” and that Tarnas focuses perhaps a bit too little on its more problematic potentials in his book, Cosmos and Psyche. Though it occurs to me that it could be a fun research project to see what correlations there are to the development of the precautionary principle in science and the subsequent flaunting of it by industry-sponsored scientists. (Jupiter-Uranus and the genie let out of the bottle, or Pandora’s box aspect of technological innovation.)

    Beyond mundane events, I had one example of a client who suffered a great deal of brutality in her childhood until she was old enough to escape, and consistently, with the most vivid and egregious examples of abuse and torture came Uranus/Jupiter contacts by transit. (No contact between those planets by aspect in the natal chart.) The sheer unpredictability of when violence would strike next, and all the chaos both inner and outer seemed to be the archetypal theme there. It is with great sadness that I grieve the mass shooting in Las Vegas yesterday, and see in it the chaos and terror potentials with Jupiter opposite Uranus, though certainly with Pluto still in the mix until Nov. 2017 (using the orbs of the school of archetypal astrology).

    Thanks again for this month’s forecast. I appreciate you three sharing your insights.

  • A monthly highlight, as always. I particularly enjoyed the planetary days and hours discussion, along with the bits about the Picatrix/talisman stuff. I’d love to hear more about both topics. I think there was some consideration for a podcast about the latter. (Thumbs up on that one, Chris.) I think I gained a couple of pounds on the tiramisu and lasagna references! Thank you, Chris, Kelly, and Austin.

  • Quick question about the election. I’m noticing that the date is October 14 which is a Saturday. Astrologically speaking, does Saturn’s day not start until sunrise? This is a new concept to me.

    • It does technically, if you are taking the planetary days and hours into account, although that is not necessarily something we used for determining these elections.

  • yay for jupiter ingress into scorpio…. jupiter by itself in scorpio and has no applying or seperating angles it is known as being on an empty path in Tajika Transit Sytem (persian), but only if it neither good nor bad dignity. The planet is said to increase in powers of neutrality. which is a type of power! and some yogas must be formed only when a planet is free to think for himself and ‘no discussion needed’. But its different than when a planet is in good dignity, no discussion is needed because of autonomy but there is a throbbing agenda to push. A truly neutral planet perhaps gives the best effects. Save for the moon. Who gets disappointed and depressed and everything fails. Moon needs associations to avoid becoming Kemadruma or isolated in a way.
    Austin says at 1h35 mercury is the first to join Jupiter in scorpio.
    In Tajika Transit System it is called Tambeera, defined as:
    Two Planets/Grahas not in an applying aspect but the faster of the two is in the last degree of its Rasi and will form an Ithasala (applying aspect) with a Graha in the next Sign/Rasi upon ingress.
    Effects: Fulfills a Desire. In my opinion two benefics fulfilling a desire is good. Especially if a night chart in femme scorpio.Definitely could be a time when ‘bedroom secrets’ are revealed by a more experienced love, or the venusian mercury of libra is suddenly more readily able to work with Martial Jupiter to do what is best for the individual rather than the group. less considerate yet more productive. (Jupiter and Mars are friendly) although probably expensive in some way, spending jupiter in a mars house could incur massive debt over some hobby turned obsession turned financial downfall. Especially if Scorpio is your 12th house, meaning sagittarius rising people may have a time of it. As the expense could very well be physical health.

    • Most interesting C.L. Would this be true in the natal as well I assume? My understanding is that a natal planet that has no aspects is what is called a feral planet. If it has neutrality it seems that you are saying it would mitigate the usual negative connotation of having no relationship. Neutrality is seen as a non mischief maker and not demanding – only affected by transit. I like the idea that a loner can be seen as part of the whole if not fully interactive, by the mere fact alone that it is in the chart! and that it can be effective in a positive way in fact. The energy is still there, still within us.

  • Hi Kelly,
    I caught a bit about what you were saying when you travelled and ended up meeting your husband. I think you were speaking about Saturn; a Saturn return (?) or… some sort of transit line. Basically, what I caught is that you can look at your chart and it can direct you towards a place on Earth that you would … feel at home. Can you please elaborate on this? I feel like any info I was able to find on this type of chart reading was vague.

  • Hi great podcast, very informative and excellent coverage of the upcoming month. I love it that you talk about how you use the different tools and techniques and your preferences or the things that work for you. It is so fun and energizing to listen to. I hae a question for Austin? Why do you love superior conjunctions? Thanks so much for the great discussion.

  • I love meet you here and see the way you have a good time together! Thanks for all this knowlegde, and all the good vibes. Best regards from Brazil!