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Astrology Forecast Discussion for October 2016

Astrology Forecast Discussion for October 2016

In episode 89 Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show to talk about the astrological forecast for October of 2016, which includes Mars in a new sign for the first time all year, a Full Moon conjunct Uranus, and some other relatively light ingresses after a pretty busy September.

I also highlighted some auspicious dates for beginning different types of ventures and undertakings, using the principles of electional astrology.

As always, the cover art for this episode is from the 2016 PlanetWatcher Astrology Calendar.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of our discussion.

Astrological Alignments for October

  • Mars in Capricorn all month (in dignity and first new sign all year!)
  • Mercury ingresses into Libra October 7
  • Full Moon in Aries October 16
  • Venus ingresses into Sagittarius October 18
  • Sun ingresses into Scorpio October 22
  • Mercury moves into Scorpio October 24
  • New Moon in Scorpio October 30

Auspicious Electional Dates

  • October 18 around 3:05 p.m., with 11° Aquarius rising
  • October 20 around 10:15 p.m., with 9° Cancer rising
  • October 22 around 2:45 p.m., with 10° Aquarius rising
  • October 27 around 2:25 p.m., with 10° Aquarius rising

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  • Good presentation. I noticed that the election times given are missing the time zone that applies. Just a note on getting older. I am currently under some pretty strong transits that in the past would have created quite a bit of difficulty. T Pluto conjunct my Venus in the 12th. T Uranus in Aries completing the 4th leg of a 7 cardinal planet T square. Rx mars just spent the whole year back and forth across my Scorpio MC opposing my Taurus moon. Because I have done the inner work that my chart and my life have demanded, today, at the age of 70 these transits are bringing very positive resolutions of life long issues. As a strong Capricorn the Uranus is showing me what positive Uranus looks like = release all restraint, in a very positive way. So for all you young people out there, keep facing your issues and doing the work demanded by the transits and you will likely find that things get a lot better as you age.

  • In this episode, you mention that there will be more episodes with Chris, Kelly, and Austin. This is good.
    To contribute to this trifecta of goodness, I went to subscribe to Chris and Austin on Patreon but noticed that Kelly does not have a creator page – only a contributor page.
    Thank you!

  • hey I am assuming that the elections times are MST right?
    this month’s auspicious elections don’t have the link to the chart that specifies the timeszone
    as a new yorker, I made adjustments, and time emails and business appointments to the time. it works.
    thanks friends

    • The times I give are set for local time, so you should be able to use the same time in most time zones and have it result in roughly the same rising sign. So, if I say that the chart is set for noon, then you should do it at noon in your time zone. Don’t subtract three hours or whatever, since then that would result in there being a different rising sign. It is the rising sign that is the most important.