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The Fifth Episode of the Astrology Podcast

The Fifth Episode of the Astrology PodcastIn the fifth episode of the podcast Chris and Patrick discuss the 2012 presidential election in retrospect, and some of the things that astrologers learned from it in terms of which techniques worked, and which didn’t.

They also discuss some other notable events that occurred in the past few months since the last episode of the show was recorded in September.

This includes topics such as the eclipse in Scorpio in November that coincided with the Petraeus sex scandal, and the end of the Mayan calendar in late December that coincided with… nothing.

This leads to other discussions about the Age of Aquarius, the 8 year cycle of Venus, and more.

Here are the show notes:

News and Announcements

  • Three big conferences this year: NORWAC, AFA, NCGR.
  • Electional course launched.
  • Got a big paper coming out with a new discovery about how the elements came to be assigned to the signs of the zodiac. More details soon.
  • Ben Dykes has some new books out:
    • Astrological Magic: Basic Rituals & Meditations
    • Book on mundane astrology coming out soon.

Main Topics

  • Retrospective on the 2012 presidential election. Three key things we got right:
    • Problems for Romney starting October 13.
    • Obama’s win on Election Day.
    • Romney visiting the White House three weeks after the election.
  • Things we learned from the election:
    • The void of course Moon, and the lessons we learned from Obama accepting the nomination under one this year. Time to lay the VOC Moon thing to rest.
    • Event charts for elections are pretty pointless in the age of early voting. Horary as well.
    • Touching on the issue of this year’s inauguration chart(s). See the article on the Political Astrology Blog on the astrology of the 2013 inauguration for more on this.
  • The Petraeus sex scandal under the Scorpio eclipse in mid-November and the sometimes literal nature of astrological symbolism.
  • End of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. Did the Age of Aquarius begin that day? Issues with the Age of Aquarius, millenarianism, and the true starting point of the new age. Overlap between ages of Pisces and Aquarius. Piquarius?
  • 8 year transit of Venus.
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A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 5 transcript

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