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Astrology Consultations: Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Reading

Astrology Consultations: Tips for Get the Most Out of a Reading

In episode 303 astrologers Leisa Schaim and Chris Brennan talk about some tips for getting the most out of an astrological consultation as a client, as well as some possible pitfalls to avoid.

The topic for this episode was based on a question sent in by a listener named Kayley-Rae (@_kr_craft on Instagram):

“I think people would love to hear how to be a good client in a natal chart consultation. How to prepare? What questions to ask? How to assist the astrologer. I feel like you’ve discussed how to perform consultations but I’m not sure if receiving a consultation has been covered.”

During the course of the episode we talk about how to chose an astrologer that is right for you, having appropriate expectations for the consultation, the importance of having a dialogue with the astrologer, and more.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

Show Notes

Here are the show notes that summarize some of the main points in the episode:

  • This is a good topic both for clients and for astrologers alike.
    • Things to think about as a client
    • Things to think about as an astrologer in terms of how you present yourself.
  • Choosing an astrologer:
    • Know what you’re looking for, and choose an appropriate astrologer for you.
    • Different astrologers specialize in different things
      • Difference topic specialties (career, relationships, etc.)
      • Different astrological approaches (modern, Hellenistic, medieval)
      • Different branches (natal, horary, electional, etc.)
      • Different house systems
      • Different zodiacs
    • If you’re not sure, it is fine to ask questions before scheduling.
  • Signing up/scheduling
    • Different offerings – one consult can’t cover everything
    • State clearly if there are any topics you’d like to focus on.
    • Don’t say too little or too much about what you’d like to discuss
    • Astrologer will prepare best if they know what you want to discuss
  • Have appropriate expectations
    • It’s one conversation vs. your whole life experience
    • Different angles on/insights into chart
    • Some placements can be more or less relevant at different stages of life
    • Same placements can have multiple manifestations, esp over time
  • Preparation:
    • You can ask individual astrologer if any prep would be helpful
    • Sometimes looking back at past dates
    • Especially if you’re asking about particular thing, dates can be helpful
  • Expect to have a dialogue
    • Don’t talk too much
    • Don’t talk too little
  • Don’t try to test the astrologer.
    • Giving information is context for the chart
    • Will allow the astrologer to do their job better, not just cold reading.
    • Kind of like doctor’s appointment w/just labs and not explaining symptoms
  • Give feedback so they know if on right track or need to change gears
    • It’s not supposed to be a passive experience, unless pre-recorded
    • Keep an open mind, but be honest if something doesn’t fit
  • Let the astrologer use the approach they use
    • Don’t ask them to switch house systems, comment on things they don’t use, etc.
    • Sometimes you can learn more by being exposed to a new approach.
    • Can sometimes be better to lead with questions about life topics vs. placements
    • Sometimes preconceptions about supposed meanings get in the way
    • You just won’t get as much out of the consult otherwise
  • Expectations of what is and isn’t possible, how specific one can be
  • Don’t ask lots of follow-up questions via email afterwards
    • Different astrologers can have different policies about this
    • If it’s very soon after and just a clarification, might be ok
    • Otherwise it can be best to do another session, or sit with the current one for a bit
  • Remember that you will have the recording after.
    • Can always re-listen to it later.
    • Most astrologers offer this.
  • Astrologers: think about how you present yourself
    • How can you better describe your services to answer some of these questions.
    • To ensure that you are attracting clients that are right for you.
  • Clients: Good idea to see different astrologers
    • Get exposed to different approaches
    • Each astrologer will do things differently
    • Getting consultations is a good learning experience, even for professionals
    • Find out what you liked or didn’t like about the experience.
    • What kind of consult you would like to offer if you ever do it professionally.
  • The Hermetic nature of astrology
    • Astrology traditionally ruled by Mercury
    • Astrological consultations have always been done verbally
    • There is something about the nature of the exchange between client and astrology that draws something else out.
    • 50% of learning astrology is from book learning, while the other 50% only happens when you sit with clients regularly and hear their life story
    • The principles come alive in ways that are unique, sometimes unexpected.
    • In this way the consultation is always a learning experience, both for the client, as well as the astrologer.
    • It is a 1st house / 7th house exchange between two parties.
    • Make the most of it.

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