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Astrology Forecast for February 2018: Pileup in Pisces

Astrology Forecast for February 2018

In episode 142 astrologers Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show to talk about the major astrological alignments that will take place in February of 2018.

This month features eclipses in Leo and Aquarius, a pileup of planets in Pisces that are squared by Mars and trined by Jupiter, and more.

We open the show with a review of some topics covered on the podcast so far this month, including the question of whether astrology is becoming more popular, and the significance of the work of Carl Jung in contemporary astrology.

The artwork for this episode is from the 2018 PlanetWatcher Calendar, which is now available for sale on Amazon as part of our 2018 astrology calendar poster bundle.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of this episode of the podcast.

This month’s episode is available in both an audio version and a video version, and you will find links to both at the bottom of this page.


Timestamps for different parts of the episode, in case you want to skip ahead to a segment:

  • 00:00 – 09:20: Introductions and news & announcements segment
  • 09:20 – 33:12: Is astrology becoming more popular discussion
  • 33:12 – 48:23: Talking about Jung and reviewing his chart briefly
  • 48:23 – end: Forecast for February
  • 1:19:00  – 1:28:30: Auspicious electional chart for February

News and Announcements

At the top of the show we talk about some news and announcements:

Major Astrological Alignments in February 2018

  • (Lunar eclipse in Leo just happened at the end of January)
  • Venus ingresses into Pisces on the 10th
  • Solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15
  • Mercury conjunct Sun at 28 Aquarius February 2017.
  • Mercury into Pisces on February 17
  • Mars square Neptune February 17
  • Sun into Pisces on February 18

Auspicious Electional Chart for February 2018

Here is the primary auspicious electional chart that we highlighted for February, which was picked out by electional astrologer Leisa Schaim:

There are four more electional charts that we found for February, which will be presented in our private subscriber-only podcast on auspicious elections that is released today.

If you would like to get access to that discussion, then all you have to do is become a patron of The Astrology Podcast on the $5 or $10 tier through our page on on Patreon, and then you will get access to the 45-minute Auspicious Elections Podcast immediately.

Watch the Video Version of this Episode

Here is the video version of this month’s forecast episode:

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • Favorite quote “bringing the fight to Jupiter”. Maybe when mars hits that trine to Uranus it can revolutionize the heresy. Sag moon native here so really enjoyed the lengthy take on that. Spot on – I have lived my entire life enduring (saturn) for the vision, for the why – for better and worse, and definitely, when the why makes sense no more, not worth it. Conversely, the vision, the search for meaning is compulsive because of the hardship. Kind of a co-dependent dance there.
    About the eclipses – spot on about the internal shaking up – the enlightenment of sorts, an internal awareness – for me in H 12 via dreams too. No one seemed to think the fact that the degree of the February 15th eclipse was worth noting. I do. At 27 degrees Aq it directly opposes the Aug 21, 2017 eclipse degree. Hoping this is the leveling as well as completion of August events.

  • I use astrology like a weather forecast. It provides me the basic influences that may trigger those around me. Like the weather if there is a 35% chance of rain and when i’ll take an umbrella if I am in the open and if not I can apply the proper response to a situation that may have arisen.

    For those that subscribe to the theory that we live in a hologram then astrology makes perfect sense. Astrology provides a baseline for each entity created over time. Balancing the attributes assigned across the whole of time. I’m a solutions architect in software development and have used specific designs to produce random results based on a time of creation and environmental experiences that influence the entity which astrology overlays perfectly.

    Just a thought that I would share.

    Side note: after listening to the podcast about Saturn returns I took the time to chart mine. I was a Saturn retrograde baby and had what could be called my first return 8 months later. My next Return is 7 years out where I have 3 returns in a 8 month period. First is May 6 2024 Direct ; next is August 24, 2024 (R); last is January 30 2025(d) . Have you ever seen this before? How do you describe this transit?

    • DouglasP – just did my 2nd Saturn return and it was different from the first – the first only had one direct passing over of saturn, the retrograde being in orb on the superior side (later degree). The return I had in 2015 had 3 crossings over. It happens sometimes. both returns involved house placement but in very different ways. A major overreaching generalized theme remained the same for both. Goes to show that the devil is in the details, as well as everything else that his going on in the sky at the time, the progressed chart, the zodiacal release period, etc. Still, a time with a very Saturnian feel – double saturn.. I see life as reflected in astrology as a series of choices, within a pre-defined context (parents we are born to etc). choices (action) results in consequence – but others play into it and that part is beyond our control.

  • Two full or new moons in the same sign in a month = Geminate New Moons or Geminate Full Moons ??
    Or an alternative might be “Yoked” because they pull or work together in the same sign ??

  • I think that Astrology is becoming more popular because of the internet where people can have a direct and quite detailed experience of the kind of information Astrology can deliver. It is direct experience that makes people know whether they want to know more about a subject. In the past you had to put out a fair bit of money to see an astrologer without knowing anything about them. Now you can read and experience the person first hand and decide whether or not you feel that they know what they are talking about. This makes people more willing to try new things.

    A response to Douglas: You didn’t say whether you are in your 20’s or 50’s. The age 28 return is when you have to move from being First Mate, where you succeed by following orders, to becoming Captain of you ship, where it is just between the Ocean, God and you and you succeed by being the one who gives orders. Exhilarating but scary to and not always an easy transition. Natal Saturn in Pisces suggest that your life is about bringing structure and manifestation to spirituality, art, and other worldly things, making dreams real. Neptune is now on that Saturn asking for a door into reality for these energies starting now. James Cameron (Avatar) is someone who does this kind of work in spades. As a person with Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Capricorn in the 12th. I can tell you that it is very possible and enjoyable to run your life creating Spiritual Technology to earn a living and create beautiful and useful things.

    Before my first Saturn return I asked myself “Where do I want to be when I am 30?” And POW! My inner voice said “Not Here!!!!” So I immediately had to start defining where I did want to be and what I had to start doing right then to be on the road to that future. A 3 pass transit suggests to me doing focusing and physical work of bringing a large project to completion. What is your spirit calling you to start now with Neptune on you Saturn so that it will be ready to go to completion in 6 years?

    • Janice,

      I am coming upon what will be my Second Full Saturn Return. I will be 59 when it completes in January 2025.
      Approx 17 Pic 6’35”

      I have had a life of trials and tribulations, steady growth and change with many loses to set me back farther than where I started, and I am finally feeling like I am coming out of the Briar Patch. Maybe that light in the tunnel is the opening and not another train. 😉

  • I really enjoyed this podcast as well as the comments from the listeners Jen, Douglas, Janice, and Deborah. The struggles of Saturn in, or aspecting any watery sign or house, ( as well as Saturn in the 3rd and the 6th ), or retrograde, struck a chord with me. The image I have of Saturn in Pisces, or 12th is that of someone who devotes their entire life trying to build a a home, or refuge by the edge of the sea……. I was born when the sun in Pisces was opposite Saturn, of course, retrgrade. I feel like it really took two Saturn returns to come to something approaching full maturity. I’ve always been searching for understanding and meaning – in life, and in the nature of the world, the divine, and the universe. Saturn strongly aspects my 12th, and my 9th house. Plenty of pain seems to go with all of this. A chart that is strongly affected by Saturn often indicates a contemplative character. On a different note, someone in the podcast mentioned magic in relation to astrology. I think that magic and astrology go hand in hand. It is a fundamental part of the art and science. And I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit it to a non astrologer! I could say lots more about it, but I’ll wait to see what responses I get.

  • I need to make an addition to my comment about Saturn and my image of someone building a house near the sea. The statement I made would be more accurate for someone who has Saturn in the 4th, or Cancer , esp. in a watery house. A more apt picture of someone with Saturn in Pisces or 12th would be someone who is trying to build a , a spiritual ” foundation ” , or a refuge from the world, ( like a monastery ), by the edge of the ocean.

    • For your records Jeffrey Grove – I have Saturn in H4 and have never been happier than when living but the water in a little hide away,with the sound waves. My ex has Saturn in H12 and was very intent on living in what felt like a refuge from the world. Ruler of my H4 is in the 12th (conj his Saturn btw) and we both felt like that about our house, which was close to but not on the water. The ruler of his H4 is in the same house and trine his H12 Saturn and my H4 ruler. I think you hit this right on.

      • The house I lived in alone was on salt water that fed into the ocean and had tides – it felt more like the ocean than a lake – it was a Sound of water. Both houses were refuges, and this one held me long term while in recovery from injury, like a hospital – a very House 12 situation – in isolation too.

        • Jen, I find your story very interesting. Perhaps, in part, because my own astrological chart is very ” watery “. But your story, to me, speaks of both strong Karma ( I always associate Saturn with karma ), and magic. There is something mysterious and profound about the sea, and I have a strong affinity to that. My wife has sun, merc., Jupiter and N. node all in Pisces, 12th H. In my chart, the asc. and all of the planets except one fall in either a water sign or water house. We both find that being by the ocean is a very soulful and healing experience.
          My 12th and 4th house rulers both fall in the 8th – I often feel that astrology, and the occult is my own inner refuge from the world. But your story brings to mind a novel that I read that is full of mystery and Karma – The House on the Strand, by D. DuMaurier!

          • Thank you – I will have to read it. I have Pisces DSC and was married to a Cancer Sun musician. We have the same house cusps. Jupiter ruled our H4. Ha! Nice you are in tune with your spouse and living where you need to be.

  • Great show! Thanks! Mars in Sadge here. I’ll have to sit with the Happy Heretic image. Mine rules my chart from the 8th and doesn’t necessarily feel happy to be heretic so much as compelled to do so. Intriguing concept. Will continue to explore. Cheers!

  • Hi, I love the podcast and information provided. I’m new in astrology and I wish to know what software you use to calculate and present the chart?
    I hope that somebody will help me to find and learn more about this software.
    Thank you