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2024 Electional Astrology Report

2024 Electional Astrology Report

2024 Electional Astrology Report

In the 2024 Electional Astrology Report, astrologers Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim forecast the year ahead and highlight the 12 most lucky and auspicious dates in 2024, using the principles of electional astrology!

About the Report

In the report we go through each calendar month of 2024, give a forecast of the astrological weather for each month, and then highlight the single best date and electional chart we can find that month.

We also give a detailed explanation for why the specific date we chose is the most fortuitous one that month, and talk about what kind of projects each chart would be the most ideally suited for, as well as which activities to avoid.

Normally an electional astrology consultation with an astrologer can cost hundreds of dollars, but you can purchase our report for only $24.95, and then you will have 12 of the best electional charts for 2024!

These charts are designed so that they can work anywhere in the world, and as part of the report package we include a tutorial for how to adapt each electional chart to your location, as well as another tutorial on how to make sure your birth chart is aligned with our elections.

What Comes With the Report

When you purchase the report you get immediate access to:

  • A 2.5 hour video where we present the 12 best electional charts for 2024.
  • An audio version of the same recording in MP3 format.
  • A written summary of the report in PDF format, for quick and easy reference.
  • A printable PDF with all of the charts discussed in the report.
  • A 90-minute video tutorial on aligning your birth chart with our elections.
  • A 20-minute video on how to adapt our elections to your location.
  • A 15% discount on Chris’ online Electional Astrology Course.

How to Purchase the Report

Since we are halfway through the year, the report is now on sale for $24.95.

Use the “buy now” button below to purchase the report, where you will be given the option to use a credit card or PayPal, and once you complete your payment you will receive an email with download links immediately:

Buy the Report: $24.95

If you have questions or issues, email us at: theastrologypodcast@gmail.com

Reviews of Previous Year’s Reports

Here are some reviews of what customers said about last year’s report:

Chris and Leisa’s yearly elections report is my go to choice for planning out the year to come. Their report provides detailed and thoughtful elections for every month of the year and all manner of topics. It saves me a huge amount of time over calculating it all myself. Highly recommend and thanks for continuing to have such a great offering! –Claire R.

The electional report is an extremely valuable tool for planning and an excellent educational resource for intermediate to advanced astrologers or students. Professionally organized and produced, Chris and Lisa present the information in a clear and insightful manner that is easy to follow and understand. The report includes audio, video and print (PDF) versions, offering exceptional value for the price. Highly recommended. –Lynn H.

I highly recommend Chris and Leisa’s 2022 Electional Astrology Report. I am brand new to electional astrology – and a beginner student of Hellenistic astrology – and this report was clear and easily applicable. While it was understandable for a beginner like me, it is also a wonderfully comprehensive look at the best elections of the year. I especially love the alternate elections that Chris and Leisa present. It inspired me to become a supporter of the Astrology Podcast on Patreon so that I can have access to their monthly election reports. –Rachel F.

About Electional Astrology

Electional astrology is a branch of astrology that is used to find lucky dates in the future to begin new ventures and undertakings, by selecting an auspicious birth chart for each new project or event.

The premise is that there are some days that are better or worse for beginning different types of things, and this can be seen through the lens of astrology.

You can use electional dates to schedule major life events such as getting married or starting a business, or you can use them for more moderately important ventures like starting a website, writing an important email, or going on a trip.

Chris and Leisa are the hosts of the Auspicious Elections Podcast, where each month we highlight the four best electional charts we can find in the coming month.

Listeners of the podcast sometimes ask for longer-term elections for planning events later in the year, and that’s why we decided to produce a full year ahead report.

Enjoy the report, and good luck with your elections in 2024!

Chris and Leisa