This page lists some audio lectures, online courses, and t-shirts that we have for sale.

All of the proceeds help to support the production of The Astrology Podcast.


Astrology T-Shirts

Our new line of branded astrology t-shirts on Amazon (click image for more options):

The Astrology Podcast T-Shirts


Audio Lectures and Workshops

Audio lectures and workshops in that are available from Chris Brennan:

Rulers of the Houses LectureZodiacal Releasing LectureTiming Peaks in Your Love Life LectureElectional Astrology LectureBirth Chart Rectification LectureThe History of Western Astrology in 90 MinutesTips for Becoming a Professional AstrologerHellenistic Astrology Introduction


Online Astrology Courses

Online astrology courses taught by Chris Brennan:

Hellenistic Astrology Course

Electional Astrology Course

Electional Astrology Course