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Taurus Rising Planetary Movements 2021 Poster


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The Planetary Movements poster is a round calendar that gives a visual representation of the movements of the planets through the zodiac over the course of the year, including their stationary and retrograde periods. Each poster is crafted to match a specific rising sign, that way you can see which houses the planets will pass through during the course of 2021!

In addition to listing dates for stations and retrogrades, this is a beautiful decorative piece printed on matte quality paper, which can be hung on your wall to give it some flair.

The poster was designed in a collaboration by astrologers Chris Brennan and Paula Belluomini, with background designs by astrologer and animator Jack Cusumano.

The poster is 16″×20″ and printed on high-quality, 175 gsm, matte-finish paper.

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